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Pat Allen Extends Lifelong Dedication to Girl Scouts with Legacy Gift

Pat Allen became a Girl Scout in grade school when she started Brownies, and received her 50-year pin last year. Though she vividly remembers her elation at wearing her uniform for that year’s school picture, a lifetime of memories and lasting fulfillment from her service and support of Girl Scouts continues to bring her incredible joy.

Growing up in Syracuse, Pat joined the local council and helped plan women’s empowerment events, assisted with younger troops, and even traveled to Mexico City and the British Virgin Islands on service trips.

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Pat in her Junior Uniform

Pat Allen in her Junior Uniform

Pat stayed involved through college, and once she had a daughter of her own, she led her troop and began creating new memories with her, including visiting Pax Lodge in London together during a family trip.

One of the most rewarding experiences in Pat’s Girl Scout journey was rallying her community to raise over $50,000 to make their Larchmont house ADA-accessible for Olivia, a girl who uses a wheelchair who wanted to become a Daisy. “Girl Scouting is for every girl,” says Pat. “We do what we need to do to make that a reality.”

“Girl Scouting is for every girl,” says Pat. “We do what we need to do to make that a reality.”

Through many volunteer roles over 50 years, Pat has cemented her lifelong passion for Girl Scouts. And by making a gift to Girl Scouts in her will, Pat is following the example set by her mother, who also made a legacy gift. She tells us, “I believe in our organization—what it does for our girls—and I believe it has to be financially supported to keep going.”

We are so grateful for Juliette Gordon Low Society members like Pat, who are securing a bright future for Girl Scouts.

Virtual Camp Brings Learning, Connections, and Fun to Girls in Quarantine

When COVID struck and girls across the country went into quarantine, their extracurricular activities came to a halt. And after spending months indoors attending virtual school and missing their friends, they wondered, would they also have to miss out on Girl Scout camp, too?

Thanks to supporters like you, the pandemic didn’t prevent the members of Girl Scouts of Manitou Council in Sheboygan, Wisconsin from enjoying their favorite summer tradition. After quarantine, camp director Hope Spies acted quickly to create a new program, working hard with camp staff to bring virtual Girl Scout camp into the homes of 133 girls.

Donor support enabled them to use an online platform perfect for keeping campers connected to staff and each other. Before kickoff, camp staff and director of communications Cassie Sterwald filmed, edited, and uploaded 78 videos onto the site. Campers also received a kit with all the materials, instructions, and items they would need for a week of fun and exploration from the safety of their homes.

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Just as in the past, the week began with a Sunday evening campfire singalong and introductions, all done over Zoom. Each morning, girls were greeted in a livestream by their counselors and fellow campers. After watching a video of their camp counselors describing an activity, campers used the materials provided to go outside and do the activity on their own. Each age group had different activities geared to them, from finding bugs and locating colors in nature, to making slime and painting pottery. Campers then took pictures of their projects or activities, posted them on the website, and chatted with their new friends about their experiences.

One parent shared, “My daughter was suddenly overjoyed with Zoom, demanding to not miss a single one, laughing, feeling included, and best yet, more engaged than I have seen her since [quarantine began].”

As the cost to create a virtual camp was much higher than the $50 fee each camper paid, caring supporters like you made it all possible, ensuring that the pandemic didn’t stop girls from building connections, learning new things, and thriving while staying safe last summer.

Virtual Camp Brings LSecure Your Future – and the Future of Girl Scouts – with a CGAearning, Connections, and Fun to Girls in Quarantine

“When my husband sold his business and retired, it was the perfect time to purchase a deferred CGA. It was a great way to reduce our income taxes in the year that the business was sold, while ensuring that we would have an additional fixed income stream five years later (that is mostly tax-free), and simultaneously adding to our legacy gifts to Girl Scouts.” Harriet Hessam, CGA donor, former vice president of philanthropy at Girl Scouts of the USA, and former CEO of Girl Scouts Greater Atlanta

As Girl Scouts supporter Harriet Hessam’s husband was getting ready to sell his business and retire, she was exploring ways to both make a difference in the lives of girls and find greater financial security for the next chapter of their lives. When Harriet established the CGA program at Girl Scouts of the USA, she realized it was a great opportunity to take advantage of a deferred CGA. Harriet knew it was a perfect way to meet both of her admirable goals.

With a CGA, you can fund leadership-building programs for girls while also ensuring your own financial future. This is because when you make a gift to establish a CGA, you receive payments for life. In addition, you receive an income tax deduction to use in the year that you make your gift, which can be especially useful for offsetting income, or in the Hessam’s case, the proceeds of a business sale.

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The CGA was the perfect solution for Harriet and her husband, but because they didn’t need the income right away, they opted for what’s called a deferred CGA.

With a deferred CGA, you receive the same benefits, but the payments do not start immediately. You can choose the payment start date up front or provide a range of years when you can notify us that you would like to start receiving payments.

To learn more about CGAs or to secure your future by opening a CGA with Girl Scouts, contact us today.

2020 Report Reveals Insights into the Next Generation of Leaders

The Girl Scout Research Institute recently unveiled its latest report examining how girls define, experience, and aspire towards leadership in their current and future lives. Based on a national survey of youth aged 8-21, it focuses on young people’s thoughts and beliefs about gender, politics, and civic engagement.

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Looking at the key findings, there is good reason to feel positive about the future and the opportunities Girl Scouts will have to use their leadership skills in politics and beyond:

  • More than 7 in 10 girls and boys believe women and men make equally good political leaders.
  • 77% of girls and 65% of boys wanted women to be equally represented or overrepresented in Congress.
  • Nearly 9 in 10 girls and 6 in 10 boys would feel positive about a woman being elected as president of the United States.
  • More than 2/3 of girls (68%) have engaged in civic or political activities by getting involved in causes they care about, supporting their local communities through volunteer work, or reaching out to engage their elected officials.

In addition, respondents offered recommendations for closing the gender gap in politics, including encouraging girls to think of themselves as leaders and providing them with opportunities to practice leadership.

Contact us to learn more about this study or to request your own copy of this report.

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