Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Charles and Marybeth Bontadelli
Mark Boos
Nancy L. Bowker
Lucillia Bezerra Boyd
Jane Butler
Jim Cain
Pam Cain
Steve and Nellie Cardinalli
Tanya Carelli
Helen and Peter Carr
Carol and Tad Church
Hayley Civian
Karen M. Darocy
Sue and Rod Dewar
Lisa and Patrick Dobbins
William and Ann Donaldson
Crystal Evans
Linda Evans
Marilyn Ferraro
Nancy Carr Gordon
Brian Gostlin
Pam Gostlin
Katherine Hambley
Dr. Robert Helfrich
Tammie Helmuth
Jeanne S. Holmquist
Deborah Ewan Howitt
Kalpana Iyer
Gina and Steve Jaeger
Todd and Linda Kodet
Meghan Lopez
Janet and Leon Mayou
Danielle McCaffrey
Gerald and Mary McCullough
Art and Marilyn McLoughlin
Kathy Medley
Susan Meek
Gloria M. Meile, Ph.D.
Fidelia Moreno
Peter and Karey Muller
Martha Myszak
Mariann Novarina
Harini Pichumani
Ruth and John Pierce
Monta Potter
Ted and Mary Randall
Marcy Reed and Robert Weibezahl
Suzanna and Don Roth
Jody Skenderian
Karen Skole
Barbara Stokely
Katherine Stoner
Mary Story and Sylvia Hammond
Florence Tonkin
Cynthia Vernon
Beatrice P. Ward
Michelle Welsh