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Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Martha Barrett
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Nancy K. Betty
Debbie Brainard
Tricia Burley
Ginger Butler
Sue Butts
Christine Clore
Anne and Jack Connolly
Lisa Fisk
Marilyn and Cecil Gibson
Roberta Giudice-Teller
Byron Googins
Karen Gordon
Madeline Grader
Alicia Grant
Mary Lane Hartshorn
David Hertz
Mary Anne and Jeff Jacobs
Patricia Knowles
Janice and Bruce Lipsky
Joanne Minshall
Mary Ellen Olsen
David and Martha Rader
Susan and Ray Rodgers
Laine and Gary Silverfield
Jamie Simpson-Smith
TriciaRae Stancato
C. Nichole Terry
Sandra and Harold Tysver
Christine Dickinson Waldenmaier
Linda Walker
Carolyn Munro Wilson
Raslean M. Allen
Jane Floyd Bullen
Gretchen Erickson
Jane Floyd
Robin Harrell
Margaret McLane
Dr. Beverly Nash
Marty O’Neil