Mark and Carol Ackerman
Carolyn Allison
Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Sara Ellen and James Anderson
Patricia and William Appelhans
Donna and Terry Bausman
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Karen Brown
Penny and Kenneth Cameron
Michael Campbell and Andrew Mason
Jane E. Carter
Diane L. Collins
Fiona Cummings
Cheryl Dahl-Kearney
Rise Davis
Jody Deery
Carmen Diaz
Beverly D. Dow
Alexandra Fleig
Lawrence A. Fleig
Miriam L. Fleig
Shelleyanne and Mark Fridly
Mary Garza
Louise Glon
Janice I. Hann
Joyce Harrison
Marjorie Herman
Nancy L. Johnsen
Jean Kinley
Lorre La Passo
Patricia and Donald Laird
Gene Lamp
Kellyn J. Lawrence
Norm Lindstedt
Ruth and Tom Little
Emily Logan
Colleen Magee
Patricia McCullough
Kristie Miller
Lisa and Tim Normoyle
Kenneth Opperman
Barbara S. Pagano
Gregory and Christine Petty
Julie Platt
Robert C. and Jaye Quimby
Sue K. Reimer
Bobbie and Tim Riley
Michelle Rossi
Edward and Mary Anne Rounds
Doris Rowald
Virginia and Norman Scott
Judith Sedlack
Adella Sefrhans
Margaret Simonsen
Susan L. Speroff
June M. Stott-Kubasiak
Richard H. Strout
Kathryn Swick
Shirley A. Tudor
Catherine C. and Bill Veal
Dana G. Vierck
Janey Welch
Catherine and Thomas Wilcox
Fleur and David Wright
Vicki Wright