I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, and was a girl member in the Minn-Ia-Kota Council (now Dakota Horizons). When my husband and I moved back to Sioux Falls in 1978 the local Council CEO asked me to join the Finance Committee (I had taken a job as a Bank Officer with First Bank of SD). It wasn’t long before I was involved in Girl Scouting up to my eyeballs. After 12 years on the Council Board, including a stint as President and Capital Campaign Chair, the Council CEO sent my name to the National Nominating Committee. 12 years on the National Board, including serving as Treasurer and First Vice President and as a GSUSA delegate to 2 World Conferences, culminated in my election in 2002 to the World Board, where I served for 6 years with 16 amazing women from around the world of Girl Scouting/Girl Guiding. I learned that despite our different languages, cultures, religions, and lifestyles, we shared a common bond in our Mission, to enable girls and young women to achieve their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. I was privileged to represent the World Association at National Association meetings, Regional Conferences, and at the United Nations. I am a proud Lifetime member of GSUSA, as is my husband, Steve. We are also members of the Olave Baden-Powell Society, providing financial support to the World Association, and the Juliette Gordon Lowe Society, supporting GSUSA with a legacy gift. We hope that the Movement continues to empower girls and young women to be all they can be long after we are gone.