I started working for the Girl Scouts in November 2018. Previously, I worked for only for-profit companies. However, I always wanted to give deeper meaning to my work life so when I was presented with this opportunity, I was very excited. Not only was I excited about the Girl Scout mission on a larger level, I also have a five-year-old daughter which gives double-meaning to this experience. My daughter is now a Daisy in the Girls Scouts. This year, I decided to become a co-leader for her troop.
After experiencing PTSD, I realized I needed to start paying more attention to myself physically, emotionally and socially. I started to focus on self-care which included working out, yoga, eating healthier, spending more time with friends, and giving back. Volunteering as a co-troop leader has contributed to my progress. Originally, I thought being a co-troop leader would benefit my daughter the most, but realized it is equally self-rewarding. Volunteering provides a natural sense of self-accomplishment and sense of purpose. It is rewarding to know that I am making a difference and positive impact on girls’ lives by being a role model, teaching values, and sharing my own life experiences that they can learn from. I am contributing to their development, as they are contributing to mine.