I am a Lifetime Girl Scout still at 68 years old, have been since I was a Brownie (in the times before there was such a thing as a Daisy). My passion was resident summer camp. I went every year, became a CIT, and a counselor. Without the confidence I gained in Scouting I would still be a shy little wallflower. Without the skills I learned I would not be as confident as I am that I can make it through anything. Without the lifelong friends I made I would be very lonely. Without learning from my Scouting role models that I could achieve anything I put my mind to, I would not found and achieved my passion of becoming a Pediatric Psychiatric Registered Nurse; and I would not have started a whole new career as an author upon retirement. Without learning to expand my horizons, I would not have built a loving family through adoption. Without learning to appreciate the earth and the wilderness, I would not have experienced the many adventures that I have experienced (and still am experiencing). Photo of Camp Robbinswold 1968-1970 Camp Staff Reunion