Girl Scouting wasn’t an option for me when I was a girl in the 1960’s, the daughter of immigrant parents working long days and and struggling to learn the American way. They didn’t understand what Girl Scouts was about. They feared entrusting their little girl to strangers to take camping trips into the wilderness. I just wanted to join my friends at the after school Brownie meetings, but wasn’t able to. I never stopped admiring the movement and never lost my longing to join. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to volunteer for my daughter’s Brownie troop 30 years later. I have learned what it means to be a Girl Scout alongside her and her troop. It has been a wonderful adventure gaining new friends, new skills, and a new outlook, while spending precious time with my daughter. Together as Girl Scouts, we’ve gone hiking and camping, attended Space Camp, explored Savannah and the Birthplace, skied in N.Y., packed food for the needy, served mentally handicapped adults, and done so many other worthwhile service projects. We’ve bonded while drinking tea at Mother-Daughter Teas and learned about other cultures together at annual International Bazaars. I’ve watched an amazing group of girls grow from giggly playful Brownies into confident and poised Ambassador GS, now bridging to Adult GS. I have no doubt that they will all accomplish great things in the future, as young women of courage and character. They are all happy to have participated in GS all of these years, and credit GS for helping them become the best version of themselves. The Girl Scout program WORKS! It gives me hope for the future of girls and women. It is important that we ensure its continuation. I have been so proud to finally be able to call myself “a Girl Scout”!