I became a Brownie in the later 1950’s and my troop continued till the end of 8th grade. Luckily Troop 208 had consistent leaders. When a leader had to go back to work or move out of the area, another Mother would volunteer to lead the troop. I enjoyed going to Girl Scout Camp at Camp Tulakes and participated in a council wide Opportunity called Sleeping Bags A Go Go. We traveled by Bus and Camped throughout Central Coastal California.

Then I joined a Senior Mariner Troop MSS Petey. We canoed the Colorado River on Spring Break, participated in Mariner Gam and was part of the Council Wide Senior Council, with a member from each Senior Troop. It was Girl Scouts that provided an outlet for me because I was never into the POP music scene of that time. Allowed me to have success. I earned my First Class that is now called a Gold Award.

During one of the meal lines at Crown College, UCSC someone was standing in front of me and had the same Mariner Gam patch that I did, and we are still friends. During College I co lead a Girl Scout Troop a troop for a year. I was also a Camp Counselor for a Girl Scout Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. After that there was a length of time when I was not involved in Girl Scouts.

I joined the Active Army as a Army Nurse Corps Officer and my Girl Scout experience facilitated my Ability to be an Army Nurse Corps Officer. When I left Active Duty, joined the National Guard, Attended Graduate School, worked part time, and became a Co Leader for my daughters Troop. My daughter and I had to move away and we moved to an area that did not have a Girl Scout Presence. 4H was the Presence and my daughter was not interested in 4 H. Plus I was working rotating shifts as a Family Nurse Practitioner in an ER and Urgent Care, and continued my National Guard Career.

So finally in 2012 or 2013 after retiring from the National Guard I learned about being a Lifetime member of Girl Scouts. So I became a Lifetime member off Girl Scouts and co lead a troop in my town in Coastal Oregon. It has been fun to watch our Daisy Scouts become Brownie Scouts and see how they have grown and matured. Our Troop is multi level and it is hard to get mothers or fathers to volunteer to keep all levels going.