Girl Scouting has been an active vital part of my life for over seventy years. As a younger Girl Scout I loved all the outdoor activities, earning the badges, practicing leadership skills. As an adult, I treasure those years as a leader. What a great way to connect with the girls, share in their dreams and provide meaningful opportunities. Council and National leadership roles were exhilarating! The connection with hundreds and thousands of Girl Scouts–young and old from all around the world—keep me forever thankful that I am still a Girl Scout. However, when I became involved in the history of our movement, I realized how fortunate we all are that Juliette Gordon Low and Helen Storrow gave their time and energy to build our Girl Scouts. I have done considerable research on the life of Helen Storrow–what a woman, what a role model for us today. Just when I think life is tough, I remember back to what Helen Storrow lived through and how she didn’t let adversity slow her down. During the great depression, she gave us our first world center, Our Chalet in Switzerland. During World War 1, she started the leader training school in Boston and then at her own camp in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Cedar Hill property in Waltham, Massachusetts was obtain by Helen and completely converted from a working farm to a premier Girl Scout outdoor facility. Helen is credited for the Girl Scout Massachusetts magazine, the Trailmaker, that published forty years. The list of Helen’s accomplishments goes on. Thank you Helen for you did for the Girl Scouts—we today have a hard act to follow!