Hello, I am a Lifetime Girl Scout. I started way back in the 60’s when my mom was an assistant leader. I went through all the levels at the time and then started helping as an adult. Girl Scouting has taught me a lot about myself, helped me form my goals, raise my children, both male and female. My sons were over joyed to be official mascots when they were little before entering in boy scout adventures. My 3 girls grew up in scouting. They are now sharing the love for scouting with their children. I have assisted with many jobs. Camping was always great fun. When it was not my troop I would go in as the first aid person, I learned how to train the trainers, teach the leaders and girls. I was part of the Service Unit for several years enjoying the training we received. The friendship has continued on past our service time and into every day life. As I age and my health stops me from doing as much I can still use my memories to keep me strong and upbeat. Especially during this pandemic. Shelter in place allows me to read my old books, enjoy the memories from my Junior sash, and so much more. Thanks to all the wonderful women and supportive men. Our world would be so much worse without it.