I started Scouting as a Brownie in 1952 and I have continued to be a “Girl” Scout to the current day. My Girl Scout Troop was the first troop from the West Coast to travel to Europe, between our junior and senior year in high school. We had many unusual experiences over the years as Scouts. Our time spent at “Our Chalet,” the international hostel for Girl Scouts, was an opportunity of a life time. The story includes the purchase of a bridal veil by one of the leaders when we were in Europe. Almost all the women in the troop wore this veil when they were married. Now our daughters, daughter-in-laws and grand-daughters wear the veil when they marry. My Girl Scout Troop continues to get together for a reunion every two years.
Girl Scouting has made me the person that I am. It has given me a richness to my life that is indescribable. It has given me friends for life.