When I was in elementary school I joined the girl scouts and my mom was one of the leaders. When I was in 5th grade, my mom was struck by a vehicle while walking home from my grandmother’s home. We nearly lost her. She was hospitalized for more than a month and I was too young to be able to visit her. The other Girl Scout leaders and moms, came to the rescue by providing my family with many home cooked meals while my mom was in the hospital. If felt very special to receive that level of support from so many scouting families. From that point on, I knew that I would someday become a GS Leader to make sure acts of kindness and family continue.
Fast forward time many years, when I became the troop leader for my daughter’s troop. Over the years as troop leader, Service Unit Registrar, and Service Unit Manager, I had the opportunity to teach girls leadership and build a new scouting family. At one time one of the girls unexpectedly lost their father to a heart attach. I reached out to the troop adult members and we rallied for that family by delivering groceries, taking the mom and daughter out for dinner and ice cream, etc. We wanted to let them know that their GS family is there for them. The adults even attend the wake together to be there for the mom. I’m proud to be a member of the GS family. We are not only building girls of confidence, courage and character, but also creating a bond to last a lifetime.