Priscilla Elliott

Priscilla Elliott and her husband, Herford, established a perpetual trust to fund the creation of the Elliott Wildlife Values Project.

Herford Elliott and his wife, Priscilla, had a vision. They both loved nature—animals and birds in their natural habitats.

Bird-watching was one of Priscilla’s passions. She was extremely knowledgeable about birds and their different needs. A vast array of bird feeders surrounded the couple’s home in Massachusetts, and she always kept them filled with the appropriate seed or suet.

Not surprisingly, the Elliotts’ philanthropic activity was directed toward wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship. In 1971, they established a perpetual trust to fund the creation of the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, part of Girl Scouts of the USA.

After Herford’s passing in 1975, Priscilla served as a trustee of the project in support of its work with the Girl Scouts. Each year, she made every attempt to visit with the Girl Scouts who attended the Wyoming’s Wildlife Wonders destination in the Tetons, a travel opportunity for Girl Scouts based at the Teton Science Schools near Jackson. She was always a vibrant, thoughtful and passionate role model for the girls.

Upon Priscilla’s passing in 2011, funding was completed to the perpetual trust.

Today, the Elliott Wildlife Values Project continues to develop girls as leaders of both wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship efforts, who positively impact their community—and the world. Through Girl Scout programs funded by the project, girls are learning to connect with nature and take action to identify needs and inspire others to act as stewards of the earth and its wildlife.

As Priscilla once said, “For all the years the Wildlife Project has been in operation, we have watched with much satisfaction the ever-growing ripple effect.”