In 1954 I followed a group of girls all wearing the same brown dress to one girls home they were having a meeting and let me stay. I soon became a Brownie Girl Scout. A few years later my mom took over this troop and in high school i joined with another group. this thing call Girl Scouts was the prefect place for me as school did not work, I had a learning disability that was not known much about. I got to go to camp every year where I was a quick learner of skills I could even teach others. with an August birthday I was very young for my grade in school and scouts. This became important when i would want to go on regional, national, or international programs the same thing happened after I finished the C.I.T. program graduated high school at seventeen camps would not hire me to young. this all taught me resilience and determination just keep on working.
As an adult in Girl Scouts I learned many more lessons that applied to raising my family and being a member of society. Scouting is a life time love of mine and has given me a foundation to build on. My dream is that girls will become stronger leaders while gaining more respect for what they bring to the table.