I started in Girl Scouts in second grade (that was the earliest then) with a super leader Charlotte Weaver and a great troop at my elementary school. I did get yelled at a couple times when I was a little loud. But in my troop I was a leader who didn’t know it, but I think my troop leader did. When our troop was in high school I served as president for 3 years at least.

I didn’t stop there. While in Kenosha, WI I became service unit chair, cookie manager, co leader for my nieces troop, had a troop of my own and served on many committees. The year I moved, I received the Thanks Badge for all that I did. Our family moved back to Sheboygan, WI and a couple months later my daughter was born. I became a Service Unit Chair, a trainer, the cookie manager for the council among other things. Once Alexandra was old enough, I immediately signed up to be the leader.

I am not involved much in scouts now but I truly believe that all these years later it has made me a strong leader who now can lead Sheboygan Theatre Company into the future and through this pandemic. This is my second 6 years on the Board of Directors at STC. I was secretary, and VP amongst other things last time. I am currently the Advisory Chair (president) and have been in this position for 2 years. I am the fundraising chair, run props for shows, stage manage, production manager, on Long Range Planning and more. I am currently filling in for our Executive Director as we are in the process of hiring a new one. In the past 2 years we have had many challenges along the way and I have lead our group. Girl Scouts has prepared me for this leadership role as I serve my community theatre and help it survive and thrive.

I thank my leader, the co leaders (my mom included) and many more for shaping me into the women who will volunteer with an open heart and help the community along the way. One thing I hope for the future is my daughter to be a strong women as well. She currently works at our Girl Scout camp and has for over 5 years. She is the retail coordinator and is helping it to survive this summer. I like to think Girl Scouts and me, as her leader, helped shape her into a person who cares and is there to help.

As we look into the future I hope that not only scouts but the community theatre that I am so much a part of will thrive. STC is going on its 87th season, and I plan to see people enjoying live entertainment for many years. Also I hope Girl Scouts will continue to serve girls to raise strong young women like my daughter is at age 23.