That is the title I know it is long but there it is. Mom said YES and here I am 66 years later trying to figure out ZOOM so I can help stay in touch with our combined age level troop on Saturdays. My computer is old and not doing well so I am missing a lot and very unhappy. But we have a great group of adults who keep in touch, so thismakes me happy. Our Service Unit is either having virtual meetings or e-mails or phone calls thru the month. As I grew in Scouts I found my favorite area in camping all types day, overnight, summer camp, I trained for the 1962 Senior Girl Scout Roundup when I was 16 and hadthe most wonderful time at Button Bay Vermont. Became a Leader when I was 22 had beautiful daughters now have 3 handsome grandsons and 1 beautiful granddaughter. During all these years I have enjoyed watching girls grow interact play work and yes sometimes argue and yes resolve. We have been on trips, and walks around the block. Birthday Parties, Juliette Low Parties. Patches, Daisy Petals, Brownie Triangles Junior Cadette Senior Ambassador Badges. I remembers the Mariner Scouts and thought their uniforms were the best, remember only 4 Levels of Scouts. My Goodness How things have changed and it is great !!!! Right now things are strange but I have a great team of friends to talk to to smile with to keep in touch with and to hopefully Fix my Zoom although she thinks she needs to be here but that’s the way the “COOKIE” crumbles. And I am out of them!!!!!!!!!