My first introduction to Sisterhood was when my mother signed me up to be a Brownie Girl Scout in first grade. I stuck it out through high school because I had an amazing troop and leaders who continued to inspire me and taught me how to work and live with a group of girls. My favorite parts of Girl Scouts were the outings and weekend camping trips. Girl Scouting went dormant in my young adult years but re-emerged when I decided to lead my own daughter’s Brownie troop. I never would have guessed that Scouting would continue to give back to me as I became a volunteer leader but it did. It was there that I met and befriended other mothers who were leading their daughters’ troops. Fast forward 16 years to the year 2020. Our daughters are all adults now and we mothers (some of us grandmothers now) continue to meet and organize weekend getaways. We affectionately refer to ourselves as the “Smore Friends”. Our gathering have a look and feel reminiscent of a Girl Scout weekend (sans the wine) with activities, craft project, making really good food, togetherness, support and of course one can’t forget the patch! During the Pandemic we have transformed our gatherings through Zoom sessions. It’s the next best thing to being there!