I was a Girl Scout when I was in elementary school through 10th grade. Then my leader had to stop because she was going to have a late in life baby. I didn’t think to join another troop because no one came forward to take Troop 63 on. So it wasn’t until I was married and had a daughter of my own and the fact that we moved to California and didn’t know any one . My daughter, Christine, was three years old, but I wanted to meet other women, so I called the Girl Scout Council and ask if I could be a Brownie leader. Twelve years later, still a Brownie leader but much more active and became Service Unit Leader.

I started a local GS day came and would train volunteer mothers how to be a camp unit leader. One lady said she would like to try but was never a scout and didn’t camp. I took her under my wing and showed her how easy I made the week. She only needed to fill one 2 hour slot, and I had a list for suggestions for her. She has a great time and came back the next year.

Soon after that, she called me to help organize a City wide children’s parade. I said thank you, but I couldn’t take on another volunteer project.

She said “Oh, no the city will pay you.” So I went to work the the City of Palo Alto as a Recreation Event Coordinator. I held that job for 22 years, all because I worked well with my leaders and could flow with the tide. I coordinated, gold tournaments, children’s carnival , an Easter egg hunt, and Halloween event, plus many more fun events for the City of Palo Alto.