I started my scouting journey as a Brownie in early grade school. I continued on through Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Campus Gold and then became a troop leader when I was in college. I enjoyed the challenge of earning badges and awards. It taught me to value continuous learning. (I still have my old handbooks and badge sash, just for fun.) I felt honored to do flag ceremonies and learn to respect our flag and our country. Throughout my many years of scouting, I learned about giving back to my community and to others. I am proud to be a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts.
Scouting taught me to be a leader; responsible and honest, hard-working and committed to service. It was also a great opportunity to make true friends. Having these lifelong friends to call upon (and to know they can call on you) in good times and in bad really makes a difference, no matter where you are in your life journey. Scouting also showed me the value of the adult leaders who make an impact on youth through their commitment to service.
The skills and values I learned in scouting have served me well throughout my career. Scouting taught me to look for those in need and lend a hand whenever I can. I spent 30 years in customer and community service for a public utility. I now serve as a city council member in the community where I grew up. I volunteer with many organizations and often work with local girl scouts on community projects. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. I feel honored to be able to give back.
In these challenging times, we will need to lean on each other just a little bit more. I know my community is already working together to identify needs and find ways to help our neighbors.