I have been involved in scouting since I was 6 years old and a Brownie. Then there weren’t any troops in my town after that first year until I was Cadette level and I immediately rejoined went up through Seniors and earned my First Class award. I then went on to lead a Brownie troop with my mother leading a second troop with my assistance. Through my college years I also led my sister’s Cadette troop and Senior troop until I left for Medical school. I feel that I was accepted into medical school partly through the school’s appreciation of my years involved in Girl Scouts. I hope our community remains strong and the premier expert on girls. I led my daughter’s troops and would like to be involved in my granddaughter’s troops. I don’t agree with the Boy Scouts starting girl troops as I feel Girl Scouts is the expert resource for girls. Even now I co lead a troop with some other women whose own girls have out grown the troops and we continue to be surprised by the girls we lead. I am a pediatrician and have always felt that Girl Scouts is a place for girls to grow strong and be proud of their abilities and contributions as women in our society. I am very glad to see Girl Scouting embracing STEM careers and education.